Endometriosis by Ana Schultz

Hello everyone, my name is Ana Schultz and endometriosis got me!!! I am married and our life started to crash two years ago when we decided that it was time to have our baby. I stopped the pills thinking that it was super easy to get pregnant. The months started passing by and I was so anxious about it. Every month I would catch my self-thinking this month it will happen..!! And it turned out that I was wrong, very wrong!!! I went to the doctor many times throughout the years but nothing was done by them. That is when I felt the first indescribable pain I still remember how I horrible I felt. The pain during my periods started to get worst and worst. Until one day after changing doctor one more time, I found out that the pain was caused by the endometriosis..!! This doctor knew something was wrong and asked for an ultrasound exam and there it was a big mass of endometriosis in my left ovary and three months later on the right ovary as well. She immediately sent my case to the fertility clinic and now I am in the middle of my IVF process because the chances of getting pregnant naturally are very low due the endo in my ovaries. Endometriosis is quite depressive, so I create an Instagram page where I share my experience about it and what caught my attention that I am not alone. There are millions of women going through the same thing. Let’s speak more about endo and people need to know that it is not a normal period pain it hurts and a lot!! Together we have the power! And, this page has given me inpiration to keep moving forward.

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  1. Hi Ana, I feel your pain. I am in the same situation. I have just had a pelvic ultrasound (after trying for a baby for almost 18 months with no luck) and found I have endometriomas in both my ovaries. It is so hard not knowing where you stand and what’s going to happen next. My Dr has referred me to a gynecologist but she hasn’t told me much about what to expect. There is so much uncertainty about whether I will have to use Ivf or surgery so I am able to conceive. I wish you luck with your ivf journey and hope you are pregnant or will be pregnant soon 😊 Catherine

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